Stevens Products Limited facilities

SPL (Stevens Products Limited) is a medium sized company with a philosophy and reputation for working hard to serve a select number of agencies extremely well, rather than being a mediocre company offering all things to all people.

SPL has become the envy of our competitors for our impressive award winning sales results, as a result of our realization that it takes passion, focus and efficient, quality products to penetrate a market and win a significant position.

SPL is large enough to have significant resources, while also being small enough to care about the outcomes for each of our select brands. Our present suppliers are thrilled with SPL’s performance, and we will strive to preserve this record with each brand we choose to partner with.

SPL puts strong emphasis on product and sales training. We value human resources, and strive to develop each individual to their best potential by investing in their personal training. This results in a highly motivated, qualified team which maximizes the company’s results.