Founded in 1974 by Hayward and Brian Johnston, Stevens Products began as a small father and son manufacturing and engineering business operating from their home garage.
Through the 1980's and beyond, Stevens Products designed and manufactured many of their own products including tractor mowers and walk behind mowers. From this background the company is well known and respected by municipalities and local governments nationwide. Today SPL is a third generation business and now occupies a 30,000 ft2 facility on two acres.


In 1988, SPL diversified from manufacturing and engineering and began importing mowers from the USA. With generations of engineering experience at its core and its onsite engineering facility, the company was well equipped to modify and acclimatise imported equipment to ensure it worked optimally in New Zealand conditions. Although having a land area a little larger than the United Kingdom, New Zealand's population is only 4.5 million. This fact makes the companies' achievements with the brands it has chosen to represent to date truly amazing, well surpassing their supplier's expectations.


SPL is a privately held company wholly owned by the Johnston family. The family owns the property and facilities, and the shareholders provide all the funding.


SPL offers an exceptionally resilient business model in today's rapidly evolving market because of its experience in Manufacturing, Research & Development, Importing, Wholesale, and Retail. These core strengths give SPL suppliers a distinct advantage by ensuring that products remain relevant to the New Zealand market conditions, and can be distributed to market through the most effective channel.


Passionately sell great products and services that our customers enjoy using to make their jobs easier and more satisfying, put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and keep ahead of the competition by applying ‘Perfected for Acclimatised Performance’.


To continue growing at a rate of 22% per annum from sales of high quality capital equipment (including parts, service, attachments and hire), and have a worldwide top 3 per capita market penetration for all brands we sell.


What SPL is, beyond itself;


  • We are committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work.
  • We enrich the lives of our team with a positive culture, above average remuneration and job security. They in turn provide us with exceptional service, being prepared to go the extra mile and give loyalty which is clearly evident — with an average team member tenure of 7.9 years — leading to superior commercial performance.
  • We are committed to helping our dealers succeed by supplying products that are unique and aren’t found in the big box stores. We provide products that generate higher gross profit dollars to help them succeed financially, along with simple solutions for financing product.
  • We are ardent supporters of charity, giving away large sums to help benefit the lives of others. Charitable organisations we support include Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Westmount Private School, International Rapid Relief Team, and St Johns Ambulance.


Positive Customer Interaction

  • Respond quickly to customers, give expert advice, provide a suitable solution and follow-up
  • Put our customers at the heart of everything we do


  • Always act to and uphold high ethical and moral standards
  • Treat every person the way we would like to be treated ourselves

Excellent Communication

  • Communicate consistently to ensure expectations are clearly understood
  • Encourage two-way communication to get the best ideas

Exceptional Work Environment

  • Provide a positive workplace that encourages high performance and professional development
  • Working together as an enthusiastic, passionate, motivated and focused team

Continual Improvement

  • Always looking for a better way of doing tasks, we find that way and implement it in a timely manner
  • Ensuring our products work better than our competitors — Perfected for Acclimatised Performance
  • Embracing standardization as a culture

Innovation & Change

  • We embrace change, making us leaders in this fast-changing business world
  • Look out for and embrace opportunities as they arise, to help achieve our vision